Casual Kick-off with

Hey, Casual Day fans!

Now, that we are inching towards weekend, I felt that sharing this casual day look was apt.



Whether you’re kicking it with friends, spending the day shopping, or heading to a family gathering, weekends are the days to break out the cute, casual pieces you might not be able to swing at work.


The K.Hmm. tee from is simply awesome and I promise you’ll wear it all the time. I say this because I wear this allllll the timee 😀 .  The price point is amazing (under 500) and the fit is perfect.


This look features my absolute favourite colour combination this season – cool purple, white and drifting down to the shoes- blush pink. These pink shoes are magical and fits true to size.


T-shirt –

Jeans- Only


Guys,Look no further. You too can get your hand on the casual look from Check out- Track Pants, Jeans, Tank Tops, Pyjama & XXXL T Shirts.

Hope you had a fun time reading. I will be posting another look with sooon.

Till next post,




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