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Hey everyone,

I am such a jewelry addict and I love sourcing different types from here and there.

Recently,  I came across It has a collection of  amazing hand crafted jewellery. Handmade items are special because the personal attention and love that makers and artisans infuse into their work is evident in the masterpieces that they create.’s selection of hand crafted jewelry made of Terracota, Beni Grass, Horn & Bone and Dhokra is so dainty and unique.

So if you are someone like me, make sure to drop by and checkout the wide range.

Sharing the pictures of my picks from Terracotta and Horn & Bone Jewellery :

1. Black Strips Bangles

DSC_2276.JPG(Made of bones and horns)



2.  Terracotta double pendant green necklace with ear rings


(Made of Terracotta)





The jewellery obviously holds a special attraction for me, but in general I was very impressed with this store’s designs and I’d recommend having a look on their website if you love unique, high quality, hand crafted products. They offer a wide range of handmade products across several categories including home decor and jewellery.

My favourite picks from home decor section are:

THK-CNDG-005.png                              THK-WDNS-008THK-CNNP-001        THK-WDSA-107

All this and more can be found at (they offer free shipping in India).


Handikart being a team of Handicrafts lover itself believe in choosing the best and authentic handicrafts from all over India. Their online handicraft store encompasses a vast variety of elegant and genuine handicraft products from all over the India.

The exact pieces can be found here:

  1. Bangles

2. Necklace

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Thanks for stopping by!


Till next post ,



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