Athletics Tee

Hey !

It’s been a relaxing weekend!  I  was around the beach and I wanted to wear something comfy but still chic, so I opted for this easy athletics jersey tee I got from and paired it with my rib-knit skirt and red telephone bag.



There was a time when players were the only people wearing jerseys. Gradually, today anyone is seen sporting these tees- and for good!

Just like the BF jeans, BF Blazers, Loafers… jersey tee is a trend taken from men’s wear.We girls can rock any thing ,right? 😉

The key to take out the sports tee and style it up for a casual look is to stay minimal. I love the ease and simplicity of oversized athletics tee.

To keep it girly, you can throw up some cool accessories- jewellery, bags, a cap, whatever.

 I picked up the tee with varsity number 68  and lettering -OLD SCHOOL ATHLETICS.



Laid back & extremely versatile the athletics tee is a wardrobe staple.

Athletics Tee

Even the celebrities have been spotted carrying the trend. Alia Bhatt, Kangana ranaut, Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson,  Pretty Little Liars) are seen wearing an athletic tee!


So, pick up any athletic tee and don’t be afraid to play hard this season on the fashion field! 


You can get your hands on these T-shirts for women here.  You can check out the t-shirt dress here.

And oh yeah, if you are a guy or you want your guy to wear the cool athletics tee, you can find it here.

(Other awesome finds : Pajamas for men, Sweatpants Pajamas for women ,  Sweatshirts for women


Bag- Accessorize

Skirt- Forever21

Shoes- Nike


Till next post!



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