Tank it up with Bewakoof.com


Recently, I was in a discussion with my friends over the tank top and ways to style them. So, I thought it as a great topic for my blog, and here is the post 😉

What is a tank top?

Well, a tank top is a sleeveless t-shirt. It can be worn as sportswear, undergarment, or casual outerwear.Comfy, cozy and easy breezy tank tops are a wardrobe staple.

So, I searched for a tank top and found the Super Girl tank top from bewakoof.com. It is super cool.

Now, since winters are approaching, I thought to layer the tank top, in 2 ways:

                                                              Inside out and Outside in

 (SuperGirl style 😉 )


Layering tank tops is a great way to add interest to the otherwise normal outfit and it is an amazing trick to give more coverage if the top is made of a thin material or the straps are too skinny.

Inside out

Wear the tank top over a shirt/ any full sleeve top.




I wore mine over a black shirt with a pair of skinny pants and completed the outfit with brown wedges and a cute bag.

Keep it weird, they’ll get it later.

Outside in

Wear the tank top under a shirt/ any full sleeve top.





If you don’t already have tank tops in your closet, you can purchase a basic tank top from Bewakoof.com at a very very pocket friendly price.

        * Tank top- Bewakoof.com

* Pants- Zara

* Shirt- Lakshita

                      * Bag- United Colors of Benetton


// Check out the other amazing stuff from Bewakoof.com. My favourites:
They have some amazing stuff for men as well!
I hope you like the post.
Thanks for stopping by.

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