3 L’s to wear leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable garment. They are those best friends which never reminds you of your last meal…:P
And it comes in a huge variety…

So here are 3 L’s to keep in mind while styling leggings:-

Primary rule is to wear your leggings with any LONG top, shirt, kurti or cardigan. Be sure you cover up at least 4 inch of your butts. (You wouldn’t want to show off your back…or front for that matter)



 2. Lita
If you are wearing leggings under the skirt, be sure to pair it with the Lita heels(Boots with heels) or simply any boots. Avoid, I repeat avoid sports shoes with leggings.

3. Light
Don’t wear bright coloured underwear. Even though you are wearing a long top, sometimes the underwear can become visible if it is cotton top and your leggings are not thick. So pick up a lighter shade;).


 Here’s a look I’d love to flaunt any day.

Shirt : Dorothy Perkins
Stilettos: Catwalk
Leggings , Ring :Image Fashion

Comment below and let me know how you’d like to style your leggings… 🙂


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